October 12, 2010

Excerpt from an e-mail sent by Dave on October 11th:

Greetings, Partner,

Sending this from the HQ of Pioneers, Africa, met with the top two men of the organization here very very encouraging, they, too, see the need, and sense that DFP is on the right track to meet the needs, by God’s grace.  All four of us, Pastor Seth included, spent some intensive time in prayer for this.

A (typical) African torrential downpour cut short last night’s service, still well attended, we all took it in stride, thanked God for the rain.  Tonight’s message is scheduled to be “From Sins to Holiness in the body of Christ as you Walk With Christ”.  Please pray the Word of the Lord continues to run freely, to fertile open hearts, the people of this church have truly captured my heart!!!

Pastor Seth says we’ll try to file an update from the university at Cape Coast on Wednesday, I was given a flashlight so I can see where I’m going at night, at least one or two people stay next to me when I walk down the steep, pothole filled road on the way to grab a taxi.  Please pray for Pastor Seth’s car to be repaired, the mechanic has not yet begun work on this as I write.

Ghana does have traffic lights, but they are few and far between, as are the traffic police.  I received some strange looks when I fastened my seat belt, nobody does that here.  So far, thank God I’ve not been affected adversely by the food or water (drinking bottled only), I spray down with Deet each evening, only about 4 minor looking bites so far, the itching went away quickly, please pray for the Lord to continue to keep me in good health.  Pastor Seth’s wife Mary is a good cook, made dinner a few times, the Ghanian food is spicy, which is right up my alley.

I could go on and on, but time is short, thanks so much for your support.  The church here is amazed that so many people there are praying for this trip.

In His Service,   Dave   Rom 8: 38-39


Oct 10, 2010

Dave Mozdin has just had his first opportunity to give a report about how things are going.  Internet is virtually non-existent and there is no phone available in the hotel he is in, so we will not likely have daily reports as we had hoped.  But then again, as Dave pointed out, every mission trip has the unexpected and unplanned events that keep us depending on God.

Dave has spoken 3 times as of this writing.  There have been over 60 people on average attending each service.  It is a very new church, with lots of young believers. They are hungry to hear the messages. Dave reports that the worship time is an absolutely incredible experience.  English is the official language of Ghana, bug the major languages spoken are Twi, Fante, Ga, Hausa, Dagbani, Ewe and Nzema.   Every time he has spoken a translator has provided simultaneous translation (Twi dialects are the most common but Fanti is prevalent on the coast, where Dave is).

Needs are huge.  Stronghold sins are all over the world and Ghana is no exception, where there are lots of struggles with drug and alcohol addiction as well as sexual sin.  One individual Dave spoke with said that they could certainly begin practicing accountability by calling each other – EVERYONE has a cell phone!

Dave also mentioned that literacy rate is high but there are few Bibles to go around (maybe this could be a future project?)  As in many cultures (including our own), the women seem to be the most open to the gospel message.

People can’t be more hospitable.  They have been so deferential, running out to meet the car when they arrive, grabbing Dave’s baggage and Bible and insisting on carrying it from him. Pastor Seth has provided the transportation; unfortunately, his car has broken down several times, leaving local, public transportation as their only option.  Dave description of vans and mini-buses with people crammed in, hanging out the windows, traveling across rough, dirt roads in 90+ degree weather in 90% humidity paints quite a picture.

It’s hard to imagine; but Accra has a population of 4 million people but there is not a single traffic light in the entire city!  Roads are poor and open ditches that run down the side of the roads provide drainage.  On a dark evening, Dave disappeared into one.  He’s fine; it was only a 3-foot drop, but he didn’t see it there!

Please continue to hold up Dave in prayer.  He will be speaking again on Tuesday, traveling to Cape Coast on Wednesday and speaking there, returning to Accra on Thursday to speak again, before departing on Friday night.

Please see the update prayer requests on the PRAYER REQUESTS

P.S.  One the goals Pastor Seth has it to get a school for his people.  Great item to pray about.


Even as this is being written, Dave Mozdin is on the plane, headed for Ghana, West Africa. As it turned out, he is going on his own as Tim was not able to accompany him. But he is certainly NOT alone, as he is accompanied by the ever present Holy Spirit and your prayers of support. PLEASE check the “Prayer Requests” to know what to pray for during Dave’s eight-day trip!

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Disciples for Purity’s* president, Dave Mozdin,  has been invited to Accra, the capital of Ghana, West Africa, by a local, indigenous pastor and his team, to teach biblical principles for overcoming stronghold sins (addictions).  Dave and a team member will be sharing with the pastor, lay leadership, and various members of the congregation.  A co-laborer in Christ who has shared the burden of leadership in the men’s purity ministry with Dave  for many years will accompany him.  Together they are developing the teaching material and presentations.  The African church has also planned an outreach at the church’s university community satellite campus in Cape Coast, a three-hour, arduous journey through the African bush.  They will also spend some valuable time with the leadership of Pioneers International – Africa, who formally invited them to Ghana and have graciously provided the lion’s share of the back office support to bring this much-needed ministry to Ghana.  It was through Pioneers International – USA that Dave was introduced to Seth, the Ghanaian pastor.  We are grateful that Pioneers has been willing to help us sponsor this trip, as they have the experience and back-office resources critical to its  success.

* you can learn more about Disciples for Purity at their website